Sunday, 13 July 2014


I'm sorry I disappeared. My Polish experiment failed for many reasons and all my attempts to speak Polish on my trip were quite comic. But I brought some materials with me, so I'm definitely going to study it sooner or later. The thing is I'm completely into my Spanish and Italian studies right now, so I don't even have time for Croatian and Turkish (I was on my way to A1 in both of them). I have set my priorities though. Spanish because I need to tame it finally. I want to pass the DELE exam this year. Preferably B2. Italian because I can already speak slowly, write letters and understand graded readers, I definitely have A1 level and I feel ready to move further. If I stop now, I will just lose what I have. At the moment I'm about to finish my Spanish coursebook and when I have it finished, I'll be able to breathe more freely.

And I'm hoping to make a new video in Spanish for my YouTube channel, but I can't promise it since I'm not always in the right condition for that kind of exhibitionism. But stay tuned anyway. 

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