Friday, 11 April 2014

My travel 2013

 Hey! I have't written anything last few weeks because I was a bit busy with my next trip organization. So I've decided to make a post about my trips in 2013. Why not? It's never too late!

 My travel 2013 (and 2013 in general) began in Istanbul. We met New Year in the underground and then went to eat kebab.
 Welcome to Catcity.

 I went to Budapest in January. I was lucky with the weather, it didn't snow at all. Only a little bit of rain.

And also I went to cute Szentendre. I only visited marzipan museum that time. 

Cute marzipan chairs and table in the cute marzipan museum. 

Then, three weeks later, I went on a short trip to Italy... I visited this beautiful country for the first time in my life. Thank you, Wizz Air for the cheap tickets. I fell in love with Venice. 

I went by train to Milan where I tried couchsurfing for the first time in my life and the tastiest pizza ever. 

 And then I was returning to Kiev via Budapest. I realised this was one of my favorite cities. In the early morning in February I was taking photos of the city coverd with snow. 

So I was in Ukraine untill late September. I only went to Cherkassy for one day in the middle of August. But in September it was my big Baltic trip. 

It began in Vilnius. A cozy city with really tasty food. 

My favourite cathedral in Vilnius: 
I also went to Trakai with my Mexican friends. I wanted to see this beautiful castle on an island:

I was really happy in Lithuania, this is definitely my country.
The next travel point was Tallinn via Riga. 
I wasn't really happy in Tallinn. But my eyes were. The old centre is stunning and so is the modern centre, and also the port. 

I went back to Riga after Tallinn and it was amazing. Actually I was in Riga in 2012, but I didn't see some important things. 

And the Dome wasn't under construction this time: 

I had such I wonderful time there. I met wonderful people. I made new friends. And then I went back to Vilnius. My Croatian friends who were travelling by car took me with them. 
The last few days I continued exploring Vilnius...
And also went to Kaunas.

And the next day I said Good bye to my wonderful Vilnius.

In October we went to Lviv and Chernivtsi to celebrate my birthday (to tell you the truth this was instead of our trip to Italy and Hungary which had been cancelled). 

My trip to Egypt in December was a group trip, but it was rather interesting. I ate tasty food, swam in the Red Sea, fell off a motorbike... Well, that's enough.

My travel 2014 will begin only in May with the trip to Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. 

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