Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A hello post

The time has come. I've created a language blog. Finally. I'm not even sure there will be any readers, but I was in desperate need of self expression, so here I am.

 So. My name is Helen. This blog is about languages. In different languages. You will be able to search for posts in particular language by tags. But this post, the first one, is in English because I still consider English an international language. English, not Chinese or Spanish.
 As you can see, English isn't my mother tongue and I make plenty of mistakes. But still, I hope my mistakes aren't such an obtacle to communication and I can be undestood quite well. My native language is Russian. The second one is Ukrainian which I can't call native although I've always had Ukrainian citizenship. I've learnt English since I was 4 or 5 and my big love with Spanish began when I was 14. I can't say I'm absolutely fluent in Spanish, but I can communicate, read modern books, understand Argentinean soap operas. In April 2013 I began learning Italian and I really enjoy studying this languages. At the moment my level is something between A1 and A2.
 Also I'm about to start Turkish, Serbian/Croatian and Polish, because I'd like to dilute the Roman group a little bit.

On this blog I'm going to write about different methods of learning languages and also I'm going to practice the languages I study which for me means writing about my everyday life in a chosen language.
Stay tuned.